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Featured Artist: About Mika


This week’s featured artist About Mika hails all the way from Australia. She tells us about her creative process, favorite quote, and her two boys in her interview. Read on to learn all about one of BoomBoom Prints wonderful artists!

BBP: How would you describe your art in 5 words?

Mika: Diverse, vibrant, fun, homely, relaxed


BBP: What inspires you to make art? How do you get motivated?

Mika: I’m very visual. My magazines are shred to pieces, I have inspiration boxes full of clippings and beautiful finds.  I also take photos and create Pinterest boards.


BBP: Do you have one creative process for making your art or does it change?

Mika: I have to begin my creative process with tidying up the desk.  I’m sharing the office with my husband, who is a mobile app game developer.  He creates a big mess, countless coffee cups, lots of distracting visual noise. Then sketching, scanning, illustrator.


BBP: Do you have a special time of day when you work best?

Mika: Whenever I find time.  I would love 9 to 5,  there is nothing worse than to be in a good creative space just to be interrupted with demands of everyday life.


BBP: How has your art style evolved over time?

Mika: Constantly. I’m Gemini, I’m restless and I’m endlessly trying new things.


BBP: What is your favorite part about being an artist?

Mika: The creative process, the therapeutic effects of it.


BBP: What is the hardest thing about being an artist?

Mika: Marketing, bookkeeping… all those little things that loot the time left for designing.


BBP: What art supply/program/etc is indispensable to your process?

Mika: Adobe Illustrator. I love watercolours, but illustrator watercolour brushes are less messy and time consuming.


BBP: Do you have kids?

Mika: Two boys


BBP: How old are they, what are their names?

Mika: Joshua is 8 and Kai is 3


BBP: How did you decorate their rooms? If you let them decorate their room, how would they do it?

Mika: I decorate their rooms with my artwork. When we ran out of space, About Mika was born. Joshua is slowly adding his personal tastes with odd pieces: old, ripped Michael Jordan posters that used to belong to my husband that he found in grandpa’s garage, Star Wars, Godzilla printouts, his own drawings. I’m not allowed to touch or rearrange anything.

Kai’s room is a different story, at only 3 he’s happy with his mum’s minimalistic styling.


BBP: How do they influence your art?

Mika: My boys see the creative process and they have their favourite pieces. We had lots of fun designing ‘Flying Kites’ together, where they posed and I sketched their silhouettes.


BBP: Who was your biggest role model when you were little?

Mika: My mum.


BBP: Did you draw/design as a kid or did you start as an adult?

Mika: As a child I was always doodling, often getting in trouble at school for not paying attention.


BBP: How would you advise parents who want to encourage their kids to appreciate/enjoy art?

Mika: Let them doodle, have paper, crayons always out for them. Black board paint is brilliant, especially when they are going through scribbling on walls stage.


BBP: How was your room decorated as a kid?

Mika: Full of knick-knacks. I collected everything! My mum used to call me Madame Bibelot.


BBP: Which piece is your favorite on BoomBoom Prints? Why?

Mika: Indian Headdress. I had so much fun with the colours. I love the fact that it suits both girl’s and boy’s room’s.


BBP: Do you have a favorite quote or saying? What is it?

Mika: ‘Only boring women have clean houses’ My way of ignoring a pile of ironing and other distractions and work guilt free.


BBP: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Mika: I receive a lot of emails. From myself. Inspiration, passwords, articles to read.


BBP: Summer or winter?

Mika: Early summer


BBP: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Mika: Vanilla


BBP: Warm or cool colors?

Mika: Whatever suits


BBP: Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Mika: Night owl


BBP: Sweet or salty food?

Mika: Salty


BBP: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Mika: Messy house. I told my kids that I’m allergic to mess :-)


BBP: Dream vacation spot?

Mika: Road trip from NYC to LA


BBP: Can you wiggle your ears?

Mika: Not yet





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