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Roomboard: Jay Fleck’s Pirate Kid’s Room

ARRRGH! Get inspired by this week’s eyepatch-wearing, high seas-sailing Roomboard. If you dare, let your and your child’s imaginations go wild with the vast adventures awaiting your new-found pirate lifestyle! No matter if you are looking for a few nautical influences or an entire pirate theme, this Roomboard provides the perfect inspiration. Are you on board or will you walk the plank?


1. “Onward” Framed 18 x 24 Art Print – Jay Fleck, BBP

“Voyage” Framed 18 x 24 Art Print – Jay Fleck, BBP

2. The Dread Pirate Roberts Clock – Etsy

3. Gold Stella Floor Lamp – Urban Outfitters

4. Nautical Nursery Shelf – Etsy

5. Captain Blockbeard Toy – Oh Dier

6. Treasure Map Pirate Pillows – Etsy

7. Black-Brown Sundvik Bed – IKEA

8. Sierra Blue Waters Octopus Tail Rug – RugsUSA

9. Shiver Me Timbers Antique Toy Chest – Overstock

Do you like what you see? Check out our interview with Jay Fleck to learn more about the artist behind the prints shown here!