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Nursery Inpiration and Ideas Room Board from BoomBoom Prints

Roomboard: MissMalagata’s Rustic Retreat Nursery

Embrace the pseudo-Modern English theme of “Ye Olde Nursery” with this Nursery Roomboard featuring artwork by MissMalagata! Visitors and family alike with enjoy this Rustic Retreat that brings a touch of antique and mixes it with a minimalist design. This room will still be in fashion long after your little one leaves the nest!



1. “Polar Bear” Art Print – MissMalagata, BoomBoom Prints

2. “Mr Wolf” Art Print – MissMalagata, BoomBoom Prints

3. “Mr Fox” Art Print – MissMalagata, BoomBoom Prints

4. Delta 3-In-1 Crib – Delta Children

5. Acorn Round End Rolling Hardware – Wayfair

6. Gray and White Arrows – 86 Home, Etsy

7. Splash Coat Rack – Lumens

8. Vintage Wood Step Ladder – 86 Home, Etsy

9. Rabbit Forestry Hook – Anthropologie

10. Patio Rocking Chair – Rakuten

11. Moroccan Area Rug – AllModern

12. Three Drawer Chest – Bellacor


9 Art Prints for Kids from BoomBoom Prints

9 Prints For Your Little Explorer

Ready for a new adventure? The best part: You don’t have to leave the house. These BoomBoom Prints artists have created prints to bring the beauty of nature into your little explorer’s nursery. Customize your space with foxes, mountains and everything in between!

"Find Adventure" by Zoom Boone Creations, BoomBoom Prints

Your little one will have the spirit of exploration with this “Find Adventure” print by ZoomBooneCreations.


"March" by Kakel, BoomBoom Prints

With bold colors of the wilderness, the print “March” by Kakel creates a beautiful outdoor landscape to complement your indoor space.


"Doe a Deer" by Jasmine Designs, BoomBoom Prints

This sweet “Doe a Deer” print by Jasmine Designs will surely spark your little explorer’s love for nature.


"02 Foliage" by Dubbel B Designs, BoomBoom Prints

Bring the forest into your nursery with the rich color tones of  “Foliage” by Dubbel B Designs.


"Modern Distressed Deer Head I" by Lauren Mary, BoomBoom Prints

How fun is this geometric deer head print? Add a modern twist to your outdoor theme with this “Distressed Dear Head” by artist Lauren Mary.


"A Perfect Night" by Alex Bowen, BoomBoom Prints

“A Perfect Night” by artist Alex Bowen features towering mountains, lush green forest and starry sky.


"Mountain Bear" by Kim Nolan, BoomBoom Prints

“Mountain Bear” by Kim Nolan brings wildlife and mountains together into a unique watercolor print.


"Flock of Trees" by Annisa Tiara Utami, BoomBoom Prints

 Full of beautiful color tones, this print “Flock of Trees” by Annisa Tiara Utami is a perfect addition to an outdoor-themed nursery.


"Red Fox with a Scarf" by All Broke, BoomBoom PrintsA hipster-esque fox, this “Red Fox with a Scarf” print by artist All Broke will bring some spunk into your little explorer’s room.


Have any other favorite wilderness prints on BoomBoom? Share them in the comments!

Looking for more outdoorsy prints? Check out art by more amazing BoomBoom Prints artists here!



Roomboard: Jay Fleck’s Pirate Kid’s Room

ARRRGH! Get inspired by this week’s eyepatch-wearing, high seas-sailing Roomboard. If you dare, let your and your child’s imaginations go wild with the vast adventures awaiting your new-found pirate lifestyle! No matter if you are looking for a few nautical influences or an entire pirate theme, this Roomboard provides the perfect inspiration. Are you on board or will you walk the plank?


1. “Onward” Framed 18 x 24 Art Print – Jay Fleck, BBP

“Voyage” Framed 18 x 24 Art Print – Jay Fleck, BBP

2. The Dread Pirate Roberts Clock – Etsy

3. Gold Stella Floor Lamp – Urban Outfitters

4. Nautical Nursery Shelf – Etsy

5. Captain Blockbeard Toy – Oh Dier

6. Treasure Map Pirate Pillows – Etsy

7. Black-Brown Sundvik Bed – IKEA

8. Sierra Blue Waters Octopus Tail Rug – RugsUSA

9. Shiver Me Timbers Antique Toy Chest – Overstock

Do you like what you see? Check out our interview with Jay Fleck to learn more about the artist behind the prints shown here!