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Nursery Inpiration and Ideas Room Board from BoomBoom Prints

Roomboard: Tiffany Everett’s “Puppy Reminders Bathroom”

This Roomboard is based around Tiffany Everett‘s French Bulldog puppy prints that remind your family of some of those “good habits” they keep hearing you talk about.  The rest of the bathroom compliments these pieces with a a bold color palette and fun accents.  The toy-organizing shark is one our favorites!


Kids Bathroom Style Board from BoomBoom Prints

1. “Take a Bath” Art Print – Tiffany Everett, BoomBoom Prints

2. “Brush Your Teeth” Art Print – Tiffany Everett, BoomBoom Prints

3. “Wash Your Hands” Art Print – Tiffany Everett, BoomBoom Prints

4. All Saints Mirror – All Modern

5. Grand Slipper Tub – Plumbing Depot

6. Junior Pedestal Sink Basin – Home Depot

7. Forsiktig, Children’s Stool – Ikea

8. Cotton Tufted Bath Rug – Garnet Hill

9. Raskog, Utility Cart – Ikea

10. Shark Bath Storage  – 3 Sprouts

11. Chevron Shower Curtain – Target

12. Squeeze ‘N Squeak Ducks – Bed Bath & Beyond



Featured Artist

Featured Artist: Tiffany Everett

photo-thumbTiffany Everett, this week’s featured artist, shows off her wonderful technique by creating art that displays both childlike imagination and adorable execution! Her shop contains wonderful animal and adventure-based artwork that appeals to the kid in everyone. Keep reading to learn more:

BBP: How would you describe your art in 5 words?

Tiffany: Cute, Cuddly, Colorful, Playful, Emotive.

BBP: What inspires you to make art? How do you get motivated?

Tiffany: I like to bike to my local coffee shop & sketch.  I work from home, so I think it helps to have a change of scenery and a fresh cup of coffee.

BBP: Do you have one creative process for making your art or does it change?

Tiffany: I start with a rough sketch in my notebook, scan it in and the rest of my process is entirely digital.  I like the flexibility I have to change colors or resize different elements.  I especially like the ability to undo part of a design if I don’t like it, I often find myself wishing I could use the “undo” command in real life.

BBP: Do you have a special time of day when you work best?

Tiffany: I am most definitely a morning person.  After lunch, I am pretty much useless.

BBP: How has your art style evolved over time?

Tiffany: I used to work entirely traditionally with watercolor, pen and colored pencils.  I still have a tremendous amount of love and respect for hand-painted artwork but have found that working digitally better suits my drawing style .

BBP: What is your favorite part about being an artist?

Tiffany: My job is to make cute things all day, what’s not to love?

BBP: What is the hardest thing about being an artist?

Tiffany: Working for myself, I find that time management is the hardest part of my job.  You have to be honest with yourself and extremely self-disciplined to get anything done.

BBP: What art supply, program, etc., is indispensable to your process?

Tiffany: Adobe illustrator.

BBP: Do you have kids?

Tiffany: Just dogs.  Frankie is my 6 year old Cocker Spaniel and Tuco is a 3 year old rescue mix.  We think he is Sharpei, Labrador, and Pit Bull.  I sneak them into several of my children’s picture book illustrations when possible.

BBP: Who was your biggest role model when you were little?

Tiffany: My uncle Matthew was my biggest role model when I was little.  As a teenager, he was always drawing Superman and busty damsels in distress.  I would watch him draw for hours on end and after my persistent begging, he finally gave in and taught me how to draw a unicorn which started my own love for art and drawing.

BBP: Did you draw/design as a kid or did you start as an adult?

Tiffany: I was constantly doodling in all of my classes as a kid.  My classmates often asked me to draw them or their pets.  I was very shy but I secretly loved the attention.  I entered and placed in a few art shows early in school and started to realize I was pretty good at this.

BBP: How would you advise parents who want to encourage their kids to appreciate/enjoy art?

Tiffany: Encourage your kids to draw and paint in a way that comes naturally to them. Be expressive! Color the sky pink and the grass blue.  Photorealism is a technically acquired skill that anyone can learn and is honestly quite boring.  As a children’s book illustrator, I wish I could get back to that child-like imagination and freedom when creating my own art.

BBP: How was your room decorated as a kid?

Tiffany: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  I was a bit of a tomboy and wouldn’t touch the color pink, plus TMNT were my one of my Uncle Matthew’s favorites.

BBP: Which piece is your favorite on BoomBoom Prints? Why?

Tiffany: I think my favorite piece I have up on BoomBoom is my Monster AlphabetI like the playful shapes the little monsters create and their silly faces.

BBP: Do you have a favorite quote or saying? What is it?

Tiffany: Do more of what makes you happy.

BBP: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Tiffany: I am just 25 but I have moved 19 times.  My family isn’t military, I guess we just get bored easily and it has transferred into my adult life.  One day, my husband and I plan to live in an RV full time.

BBP: Summer or winter?

Tiffany: Winter.

BBP: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Tiffany: Mint Chocolate Chip.

BBP: Warm or cool colors?

Tiffany: Warm.

BBP: Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Tiffany: Early bird.

BBP: Sweet or salty food?

Tiffany: Sweet.

BBP: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Tiffany: Gum smacking.

BBP: Dream vacation spot?

Tiffany: The Isle of Skye.

BBP: Can you wiggle your ears?

Tiffany: Nope.






Check out more of Tiffany Everett’s artwork here!